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Primary $20/hr $20-$25/hr $25-$35/hr $25-$35/hr $50-$70/hr
Secondary $25-$35/hr $25-$40/hr $35-$50/hr $35-$50/hr $60-$80/hr
Junior College $30 to $40/hr $35 to $45/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr
Diploma $30 to $40/hr $35 to $45/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr $90 to $150/hr
University NA $45 to $55/hr $60 to $100/hr $60 to $100/hr $100 to $200/hr

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The tutors (Ms. Ye (English) and Ms.Pavi (Maths)) recommended are very knowledgeable and the service provided by Nanyang Learning is fantastic!

Fioncis Lim, Parent, West Coast Drive

“Tutor Benjamin has been great so far from my perspective. Not only that, my son likes him a lot! He has improved by about 10% for his SA2 compared to his CA2.”

Mdm Suh, Parent, Cantonment

"Home Tuition - We are very satisfied with Miss Rowena Leong. With her help, Jennifer got A* and As for all her Science subjects. Her teaching style was really organized and efficient."

Mrs Guo, Parent, Ducess Road

"Nanyang Tuition has been very accommodating and tutor (Mdm Tan) a very patient tutor. She is punctual, responsible and met our expectation."

Johaness Guanzon, Filipino, Parent, AEIS, Rivervale Drive

"Fast service, good tutor recommendations from this tuition agency. Tuition teacher is very friendly, approachable and qualified. I strongly agreed that the tutor allocated to my child/ward met my expectations."

Jessica Cheong, Parent, Bedok South Road, Singaporean

"Nanyang Tuition: Quick response and very good service level. The Chinese tutor (Charmaine Wong) is very engaging and able to draw out my son to appreciate learning the language. My Son is taking Chinese for his PSLE."

Arnold Apostol, Parent, Compassvale Drive, Filipino

"The teacher (Jacqueline Wong) is a very responsible and patient tutor (POA). I strongly agree that the tutor allocated to my child/ward is punctual and responsible. Got much support from this home tuition agency"

Mae, Parent, Pasir ris st 12, Singaporean

"Fast response and happy that we are given few choices for piano teachers. I agree that piano teacher ( Stella Ng) is punctual and responsible, as well as met my expectation."

Amy Cheng, Parent, Simei St 2

"I have to give credit to the agent who took effort to find me a home tuition tutor despite my exams nearing. She did not give up and continue to search for me so that I am able to cope before the exams."

Chan Wei Ling, Law Student, Flora Drive

"Appreciate the patience and professionalism in handling enquiries on Tutor & Student matching. The tutor's (Mdm Tan) flexibility in swapping subject as per child requirement is totally awesome."

Joycelyn Pang, Parent, Telok Kurau

"Nanyang Learning has good service and adviser. Jamie Ng ( The educator) has been very responsible and caring towards my child. The educator allocated to my child/ward met my expectations. Recommended home tuition service in Singapore"

Josephine, Parent, Gangsa Road , Singaporean

"I have to give credit to the agents (Chris & Samantha) who took effort to find me a tutor despite my exams nearing. She did not give up and continue to search for me so that I am able to cope before the exams."

Chan Wei Ling, Law Student, Flora Drive

"Nanyang Tuition has been helped my two girls both in primary 3 and 5 to find the most suitable tutor. We were delighted to see how much difference a good teacher can make when we saw the jump in their results! Nanyang home tuition agency has helped us to see this results"

Mrs. Adeline Quek, Bedok South

"Being a working mother with a hyperactive P4 boy, I thought I would have to quit my job to help my son focus. Thankfully, we managed to find MsTeo through Nanyang Tuition (Singapore home tuition agency). She really bonded with my son quickly and got him to be more interested in his studies."

Mrs. Sim, Bedok South

"I'm glad that I make the right choice by approaching Nanyang Tuition ( Singapore Home Tuition) and found a good teacher for my son. The teacher( Tan Fang Fang) is friendly and able to share with me her plan how she will teach my son. My son likes her too."

Mrs Teo, Parent, Choa chu kang Blk 545

“Tutor Claudia is great! She helps a lot with understanding the subject and how to study effectively for business. Nanyang Tuition has help a great deal in finding the perfect tutors for me. The tuition coordinators are very patient, kind and helpful with finding tutors who suit my daughters’ education the most. In addition to that, all tutors recommended to us have been very understanding and effective in their teaching. I am very satisfied with Nanyang Tuition’s excellent service!”

Karen, Parent, Viz Holland

"Education Service Officer (ESO) is professional and knowledgeable ( Home Tuition Singapore). Nanyang Tuition has been very fast respond time with my queries and request for a suitable teacher. My daughter likes the teacher as she's approachable, on the second lesson, she has already helped to clear up a lot of doubts that my daughter has of the subject topics. Hope the educator/student relationship with go from strength to strength."

Miss Loo, Parent, East Point Green Condo

"The ESO is helpful and follows up with us on any issues raised. So far, we are satisfied with the home tuition tutor for my child. As my child is mild autistic, Aaron has incorporated creative and interesting ways in helping my child learn his science, so he won't feel bored. We are satisfied with him as well as this home tuition agency so far."

Steph, Parent, Punggol Drive

"Teacher( Jayme) is very punctual and knowledgeable as a Home Tuition Teacher. Very satisfied with her positive attitude."

Alex Chan, Parent, Blk 227 Serangoon

"The tutor (Pamela Lee) is very accommodating. My daughter likes her very much. Thank you very much, Nanyang Tuition. "

Elizabeth Honrade, Parent, Pasir Drive 6, Filipino

“My son said that he has a better understanding of the subject with Tutor Zukhairi’s teaching.”

Vanessa, Parent, Woodlands

“Ms Ong is a very experienced and dedicated teacher.”

Mrs Lai, Parent, Taman Permata

“Mr Kuan has been a kind and approachable teacher. So far, so good! Thanks!”

Jing, Parent, Dover Rise

"Wang Shan Shan, Good and friendly teacher."

Sefi Lim, Parent, St Patrick's Road

"We are happy with this home tuition teacher that you have recommended.Thank You."

Josephine Isabel Jaswan, Parent, Geylang east ave 1