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Our tutor’s are specialised in Nursery/ Kindergarten/ PSLE/ N O A Levels/ IP / IB/ ICGSE/ AEIS/ JPACT/ Diploma and University Modules. Premier tutors and MOE School teachers are available as well. Free top school exam papers to complement your child’s learning. Contact us now!

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One Teacher, So Many Students. The Problem Still Persists!

[ HELPING YOUR CHILD SCORE WELL IS NOT THAT HARD… BUT MOST PARENTS DON’T KNOW HOW! ] To All Parents Of Primary & Secondary Students: Is Singapore School System Really Too Stressful And Increasingly Unhealthy Education System?

Home Tuition Singapore

When I say that this flaw is completely unavoidable… I mean it! I’m referring to a systemic flaw that affects ALL school children…

Some of the points being pointed out by concern parents:
#1 – Parents are obsessed with placing their children in a top school.
#2 – The new T-Scores in 2021 for PSLE where the grading is similar to O/ A Levels. The mark range for achievement level 6 is between 45 to 64 marks.
#3 – PSLE may be too early to determine the student’s streaming.
#4 – Sending children to tuition centres/ home tuition to learn more flexible methods/ short cuts to solve school work as the school teachers may be teaching with the one and only method.
#5 – Students are getting more stressful and depressed with their school homework and examinations, as well as peer competition.
#6 – Parents and students know of the bell curve existence

Get Immediate Exact Help For Your Child Now


The school teacher is UNABLE to give your child the exact assistance he/she needs! After all, like I mentioned earlier: the school teacher is just one person. Now, do you see why I call this a “flaw” in the education system?

And this flaw isn’t limited to school. It’s also present in tuition centres and private schools… Because it’s the same scenario all over again! One teacher. So many students. The problem still persists. The issue still isn’t RESOLVED!

I’ll be the first to admit: Our government is doing what it can to optimise the learning process for all students.
To get them to do as well as they can. And as an educator myself, I have personally witnessed the government’s endeavours to constantly improve their systems.

But the fact of the matter is: Your child needs help NOW!

If your child is still unable to get the EXACT, APPROPRIATE help he or she needs… this issue will not go away.
After all, it’s not like the teacher will suddenly be able to give your child individualised help, right?


Get Immediate Exact Help For Your Child Now

Your child needs to achieve a higher level of SELF-CONFIDENCE first! Because without that… No matter how hard your child studies… He/she will never be able to do their very best.

As parents, here’s where you need to take action. In order to transform your child’s mindset.




Thanks for the AEIS package introduced to my child. He finds the teachers fun and started to show interest in Maths! Jessica , Mum, Phillipines, Seng kang
Tutor ( Pamela Lee) is very accommodating. My daughter like her very much. The tutor allocated to my child met my expectations. Nanyang Learning's Education Service Officer (ESO) is professional and knowledgeable. Elizabeth Honrade, Parent, Pasir Ris Drive 6, AEIS 2016, Filipino
Nanyang Tuition: Quick response and very good service level. The Chinese tutor (Charmaine Wong) is very engaging and able to draw out my son to appreciate learning the language. My Son is taking Chinese for his PSLE. Arnold Apostol, Parent, Compassvale Drive, Filipino
Prompt service! My child did her school transfer within 1 week. They did all the procedures in a smooth and quick manner. Thanks SAS! Kim Soo Jin, Mum, Korea, Ang Mo Kio
Fast and Efficient! Student pass approved within a week! SAS made it possible by providing me with professional documentations service. My son has gotten his student pass approval only in a week.Thank you for your quick and professional service. Wang Yu, Father, China, Commonwealth
I'm glad that I make the right choice by approach Nanyang Tuition and find a good tutor for my son. The tutor ( Tan Fang Fang) is friendly and able to share with me her plan how she will teach my son. My son likes her too. Mrs Teo, Parent, Choa chu kang Blk 545
My girl improved tremendously in her English in no more than half a year. She passed her AEIS in 2010. Thanks SAS for your excellent arrangement, guidance, and tuition services! Chen Shi Kang, Father, China, Kovan
I have seen the quickest relocation! It was done completely and efficiently within 3 weeks only. The time is far less than my estimated time requirement. Good! Thanks SAS. Yu Zheng, Mum, China, Bukit Panjang
I have to give credit to the agent who took effort to find me a tutor despite my exams nearing. She did not give up and continue to search for me so that I am able to cope before the exams. Chan Wei Ling, Law Student, Flora Drive
We are happy with the tuition teacher that you have recommended.Thank You Josephine Isabel Jaswan, Parent, Geylang east ave 1
I have to give credit to the agents (Chris & Samantha) who took effort to find me a tutor despite my exams nearing. She did not give up and continue to search for me so that I am able to cope before the exams. Chan Wei Ling, Law Student, Flora Drive
Nanyang Learning has good service and tutors. Jamie Ng ( The tutor) has been very responsible and caring towards my child. The tutor allocated to my child/ward met my expectations. Tutor is punctual for the tuition lesson. Josephine, Parent, Gangsa Road , Singaporean
They provide him with the best education and environment. My son enjoys his education and friends in international school. Now he is going to be in Grade 7 and doing great! Sumitimo Miho , Mum, Japan, River valley
Being a working mother with a hyperactive P4 boy, I thought I would have to quit my job to help my son focus. Thankfully, we managed to find Ms Teo through Nanyang Tuition. She really bonded with my son quickly and got him to be more interested in his studies. Mrs. Sim, Bedok South
The ESO is helpful and follows up with us on any issues raised. So far, we are satisfied with the tutor for my child. As my child is mild autistic, Aaron has incorporated creative and interesting ways in helping my child learn his science, so he won't feel bored. We are satisfied with him so far. Steph, Parent, Punggol Drive
Me and my 2 friends came to Singapore through SAS for our English course. At first, we felt very clueless but SAS is always very patient with our enquiries. Thanks and greatly appreciated! Kang Qi Wei, Wang Hao, Li Jian Hao, Students, China Beijing, Chinatown
Tutor ( Jayme) is very punctual and knowledgeable.
Very comfortable unlike other agency. Very satisfied with her positive attitude. Alex Chan, Parent, Blk 227 Serangoon
I came alone to Singapore for my degree course. SAS has given me their encouragement. I have gotten the school of my choice after 2 weeks of school visitings. I am planning to work in Singapore after graduating. Tan Chee Seng, Student, Malaysia, Commonwealth
They provide him with the best education and environment. My son enjoys his education and friends in international school. Now he is going to be in Grade 7 and doing great! Sumitimo Miho , Mum, Japan, River valley
Recommended by my sister's friend. Reasonable service fee. Sukhon Ratree Pakpao, Mum, Thailand Bangkok, Kovan
I am recommended to SAS by Jyung Soon's Mum. My child passed her QT in Feb 2011 and gotten in a well-known primary school. Thanks for your advises given during the past few months. Kim Mi Hyang, Mum, South Korea, Hillview
Well done! Fast and accurate information and services. I would recommend SASfor their professional education advices. Lily, Auntie of William, Kovan, Jakarta
Nanyang Tuition has been very accommodating and tutor (Mdm Tan) a very patient tutor. She is punctual, responsible and met our expectation. Johaness Guanzon, Filipino, Parent, AEIS, Rivervale Drive
We are very satisfied with Miss Rowena Leong. With her help, Jennifer got A* and As for all her Science subjects. Her teaching style was really organized and efficient. Mrs Guo, Parent, Ducess Road
First, I thank you SAS for your professional advices for my family. My child has been allocated to a school after passing her QT within 2 weeks. My wife has gotten her long-term pass.Second, thank you for the satisfaction and peace of mind you provide us. We are satisfied with the education system in Singapore. Kim Sung Woo, Father, South Korea, Hillview
I am being recommended by my cousin (SPR) to SAS. Reasonable service fee and being treated like a VIP! I had an enjoyable experience during my first meeting with SAS! Arthit Wattana Somchai , Father, Thailand Bangkok, Upper Serangoon
Thank you SAS for your recommendation for tutor. The tutor is the best; my child is taking her Chinese in primary school. She has passed her P3 Mid-year Chinese exam! We are very happy that she is doing good with her third language! Park Hana, Mum, South Korea, Upper Thomson
Excellent service even in the time of troubles! Thanks for your fast response during the Tokyo disaster. My child and I have been relocated to a safe city for her education. Tani Makiko, Mum, Japan, Grange road
Fast response and happy that we are given few choices for piano teachers. I agree that piano teacher ( Stella Ng) is punctual and responsible, as well as met my expectation. Amy Cheng, Parent, Simei St 2
Professional advices was being given 2 years ago. Now i have graduated with BA (HONS) in Business. I am going back for good to start my own business. Thank you very much. Mya, Student, Burmese, River valley
Fast service, good tutor recommendations from this tuition agency. Tuition teacher is very friendly, approachable and qualified. I strongly agreed that the tutor allocated to my child/ward met my expectations. Jessica Cheong, Parent, Bedok South Road, Singaporean
Our daughter grew up in a non- English speaking environment. So English was a struggle for her. Tutor Olyna knows how to motivate our daughter from someone who is lukewarm about English to someone who now enjoys & understands importance of the language. Our daughter's increased interests in the language are evident from her desire to read more, decreased complaints about tuition & her school's homework. Last but not least, a marked improvement Danny, Parent, Bishan St 15
Chris, education agent is very patient with my request. She did a proposal for my daughter with the detailed procedures and her future education path. Impressive! Mawar Intan Cintai, Mum, Indonesia Batam, Toa Payoh
The tutor (Jacqueline Wong) is a very responsible and patient tutor (POA). I Strongly agree that the tutor allocated to my child/ward is punctual and responsible. Mae, Parent, Pasir ris st 12, Singaporean
Wang Shan Shan, Good and friendly teacher. Sefi Lim, Parent, St Patrick's Road
Appreciate the patience and professionalism in handling enquiries on Tutor & Student matching. The tutor's (Mdm Tan) flexibility in swapping subject as per child requirement is totally awesome. Joycelyn Pang, Parent, Telok Kurau
I told SAS about my purpose for coming to Singapore. The advices and the provided-information gave me the overall picture of my career path. Currently I am taking my BSc in Business. Linh Bích Lành , Student, Vietnam, Chinatown
Education Service Officer (ESO) is professional and knowledgeable and has been very fast respond time with my queries and request for a suitable teacher. My daughter likes the teacher as she's approachable, on the second lesson, she has already helped to clear up a lot of doubts that my daughter has of the subject topics. Hope the tutor/student relationship with go from strength to strength. Miss Loo, Parent, East Point Green Condo
Nanyang Tuition has been helped my two girls both in primary 3 and 5 to find the most suitable tutor. We were delighted to see how much difference a good tutor can make when we saw the jump in their results! Mrs. Adeline Quek, Bedok South
The tutor (Pamela Lee) is very accommodating. My daughter likes her very much. Thank you very much, Nanyang Tuition. Elizabeth Honrade, Parent, Pasir Drive 6, Filipino
It was a continued and pleasant experience. My girl was recommended to a nice homestay guardian through SAS. She joined the family for their weekly activities. Thanks SAS for your continued guidance over the past 4 years. My girl is taking her O Level this year! Zhang Jian, Father, China, Bukit Timah
Thanks for guiding me along for my student pass appeal application. I was desperate when my student pass is being rejected. All thanks to your effort! My student pass was approved after your valuable advice. Aggarwali, Student, India, Bukit panjang
First, I really like to thank SAS for your professional advice for my family. My child has been allocated to a school after passing the required tests within 2 weeks. My wife has also gotten her long-term pass.
Second, thank you SAS for the satisfaction and peace of mind you have provided us. We are satisfied with the education system in Singapore. Kim Sung Woo, Father, South Korea, Hillview
Thank you for your Diploma course recommendation. Gained alot of knowledgeduring on job training. Zhang Chen Guang, Student, Redhill, Beijing

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