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Why Singapore

12 Reasons to Choose Singapore As Your Future 



1) Singapore's education system

Singapore’s education system has been and continues to be a very important factor where we help our young reach their dreams and talent.
It offers a wide range of educational practices, while equipping our educational institutions with up- to-date educational tools and technologies.


2) Safe Country

Singapore has been consistently rated as one of the safest cities in Asia with the lowest crime rate. Compared to many countries in the world, Singapore has no problem with drugs and guns.

Children will definitely feel safe and secure to play in the playground, go shopping, attend school, tuition classes, and explore Singapore freely.



3) Clean City with Healthy Living Standard

Singapore is also well known for being a clean and green city. The government encourages the population to have a healthy standard of living by organizing many outings, such as family day, cycling and running races.



4) Pleasant Study Environment

Singapore's education system is a safe and excellent environment to stay and learn. Singapore is able to provide a standard of education that is very far advanced in ASEAN countries. Please contact us to understand more about our education system.

Please contact us to under more about our education system. 



5) Modern City and up-to-date technology

Singapore provides very efficient facilities for all, such as libraries, supermarkets, shopping centres, quality medical services, entertainment places as well as online shopping. Fast broadband, fibre cable services, SCV cable as well as wireless networks are also available in most public places. You can surf online efficiently at your convenience.


6) Good Accommodation

Singapore offers many different types of accommodation to suit your budget. The accommodation that the students will get will definitely make their money worth to study and stay in Singapore. Student may choose to stay with a homestay guardian/ hostel/ a unit or room in HDB/ Apartment/ Condominium/ Landed property.

Please contact us for the price range



7) Convenient Transportation 

Singapore is also well known for its good and efficient transport system. We have the MRT system, standardized bus system and taxi services. The Singapore Changi Airport has been voted repeatedly to be the best in the world. Public transport has become one of the most affordable and convenient ways for students to travel in Singapore.



8) Closer to Home – ASIA

Singapore is closer to home geographically. "Regardless of race, only harmony."


9) Economical Cost 

Cost of study and living expenses are lower than UK, USA, Australia and Europe countries. Singapore offers competitive tuition fees. Education in schools provides multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Thai, Malay, Tamil, Arabic, Japanese and many more.


10) Our People

There are close to five million population of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian ethnicity. The main religions practiced are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. The four official languages in Singapore are Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English.


Offices at Raffles Place
(Central Business District)


11) Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to work in Singapore after completing their education. There is a wide range of job opportunities, such as IT/ Marketing/ Engineering and many more. Please contact us to understand more about our education system.


12) Political Factor

Singapore is an ideal place to gain an internationally recognized educational qualification.


Sinapore National Library - Top 10 World's Biggest Library 


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  • Optical Answer Sheet (OAS) Sample Format

    You may find the Optical Answer Sheet (OAS) sample format at . Hope this helps! =)

  • Do take note:

    Set A and Set B consist of different questions with similar formating. Our practice papers are designed with the objective of providing updated AEIS curriculum e-learning.


  • 2017 AEIS will be conducted on 20, 21 and 22 Sep 2017 (tentative) and registration will open in Jul 2017

    The 2017 AEIS will be conducted on 20, 21 and 22 Sep 2017 (tentative) and registration will open in Jul 2017.
    This webpage will be updated with more details in Jul 2017. 

    For more information,

    IMPORTANT: Registration for the test date will close when all available places for that test date are taken up.

  • Government local school fees Monthly as of 2016

    Primary School Fees(Per Month SGD)

    PR- $110

    International Student ASEAN - $370

    International Student - $550


    Secondary School Fees(Per Month SGD)

    PR- $160

    International Student ASEAN - $550

    International Student - $800


    You may wish to engage us to apply for your child's AEIS admission!

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    To know about MOE School fees, please visit


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