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Current Situation
Education and schools are frequently in the news and media and it as to be said, many parents are unhappy with their children's lack of progress at school. Many children need extra help URGENTLY and parents are eager to pay for this service.  
Home tutoring is not the same as school teaching, nor do you have to be a qualified teacher to practise it. One-to-one tutoring is far more effective than class teaching in a school environment. A tutor can tailor make the lesson plan to suit each individual child, resolving any problems as they occur. 

They Need Your Help
We will only contact you should there be a most suitable home tuition job around your area. Also, you are not obligated to accept any tuition jobs from us. Trust us (we have been in this line for a long time), parents are looking forward to engage private tutors for home tuition and mentoring. Parents will normally request at least a lesson of 1.5 to 2 hours per week. What’s even better, you can choose your preferred schedules to offer private home tutoring and mentoring.

Do consider our proposal. Mastery takes time. Give yourself some time to grow and build a big team of students. Your help may even be a life-changing moment for students who are hungry for knowledge and motivated to achieve better results. I’m sure you will feel a sense of achievement for this.

Step 1: Click On The Icon Below To Start >> Step 2: Register As Tutor In 30 Secs >> Step 3: Apply For Tuition Jobs 

Are You Aware That Private Home Tutors Are In Demand? 

You can impart your academic skills and IQ/ EQ knowledge to students, as well as earning an additional income at the same time:

  • #1 - Writing your own materials and sell to parents for a fee.
  • #2 - Doing online tutoring for another fee.
  • #3 - Having your own website or mobile app to coach your own students for another fee too.
  • #4 - Organising a group tuition class of the same level and subject(s).

Read Some Of Our Biggest Success Stories Below!

Janet Zhang, Full Time Tutor

"Nanyang Tuition" has helped me efficiently on getting many tuition assignments within a month's time ever since I converted from a part time tutor to a full time tutor.

I've gotten most of my assignments from "Chris" who is very helpful and easy to communicate with. She never fails to reply to my queries in the shortest time possible. She will also personally select potential and suitable assignments that I might be interested to take. Through this way, it is convenient for me before having to look through the list of assignments and pick out suitable ones by myself.

Ever since "Nanyang Tuition" came up with their tuition mobile app, I've been checking it regularly for available assignments. It is user friendly and "Nanyang Tuition" will always reply me if my profile matches the requirements.

Overall, it has indeed been a pleasant working experience with "Nanyang Tuition". I will definitely recommend "Nanyang Tuition" to tutors who are currently looking for students!

Madam Li, Full Time Tutor

Of all the years I've been working as a Chinese tutor, I've only worked with "Nanyang Tuition". I believe I provide quality tuition as a tutor, and it is in my steadfast belief as well that "Nanyang Tuition" is a quality agency that stands out from the crowd. They have allowed me to focus 100% on teaching and not worry about administrative technicalities, and they have also provided me the support and backing I need. If you want an agency that is reliable and trustworthy, "Nanyang Tuition" is the agency to go to. Thank you very much for all the years, and let's continue growing together.

Xavier, Full Time Tutor

I've been working with "Nanyang Tuition" for about 3 years now and I can honestly say that that it's one of the most reliable tuition agencies around. The clear distinction is their level of professionalism and customer service. Their help extends beyond just recommending of tuition assignments; they will go the extra mile with regards to post-assignment needs- further liasing with clients, conflict-management and even helping me with payment issues with rogue clients. Their new mobile app is a godsend for any tutors who wish to have access to the latest available assignments as opposed to having to go online to search for available tuition assignments which can be quite a painstaking process. This showcases the creative minds at "Nanyang Tuition" to anticipate the needs of tutors and keeping in tune with Singapore's vision of becoming a Smart Nation. It is a bliss working with "Nanyang Tuition" and I will highly recommend "Nanyang Tuition" to all tutors seeking to offer quality academic coaching to students all over Singapore.

Miss Ye, Full Time Tutor

I was very impressed with Nanyang Tuition from the very first moment I joined! Out of every agency I contacted, they were the only one who proactively got back to me the next day.

More importantly, they were able to over-deliver on their promise. They secured 7 assignments at very reasonable rates, all within the first 3 days!

Since then, Chris has been actively and consistently updating me on her list of new assignments, efficiently matching the most appropriate projects to the best suited tutor. In a short span of just 2 months, I was already able to dash ahead of my peers and establish my tuition career (Full Time) !

To anyone who's keen to explore tuition teaching, I highly recommend Chris! She was my key to accelerate my personal success, and I'm sure she'll achieve similar results for you too!

Annie Teh, Full Time Tutor

Thankful for the wonderful partnership over the course of 8 years. "Nanyang Tuition" has a team of delicated and friendly coordinators.  Their mobile app is user friendly and reliable too. Cheers.

Sean, Full Time Tutor

"Nanyang Tuition" is a great platform for tutors like myself to source for prospective students, as it's run by a team of reliable and responsible team of coordinators who are responsive to enquiries.

The tuition mobile app makes it more convenient to apply for and keep track of the available assignments, which sets them apart from other agencies."

Madam Ong, Full Time Tutor

I registered myself as a tutor with Nanyang Tuition in early 2015 and am very glad to have done so. Since then, I have had so many teaching assignments.

I find the agency posting assignments via their mobile app so regularly, almost on a daily basis. The postings are not only regular but they are also of varied choices. I am very sure most tutors registered with them would have a good selection of assignments.

In addition, I find that Nanyang Tuition is quick in responding to me when questions are asked about the assignments. I have had a good & reliable working relationship thus far and would recommend potential tutors to consider registering with them.

Miss Lau, Full Time Tutor

I would like to give a big thank you to Nanyang Tuition for providing relevant, quality assignments to tutors such as myself!

By making use of Chris's intuitive mobile application, I was able to identify the right kind of assignments by going through the precise descriptions on each of them, and quickly and easily secure assignment.

Highly appreciate the almost-instantaneous response by Chris and her team, and for assisting me to secure the assignments I bided for within less than 2 days!

Let "Nanyang Tuition" Help You to Build
A Database of Students For Your Career TODAY!

OPENING POSITIONS (Part Time/ Full Time)

  • Diploma/ Degree (Full time tutor)
  • PGDE/ NIE MOE Teachers
  • AEIS Tutors (Full time/ Part time Tutoring)
  • Diploma/ A level/ Degree graduates ( Part Time Tutoring)
  • Diploma/ University Undergraduates (Part Time Tutoring)
  • Music/ Art and Sports Teachers (Full time/ Part time Tutoring)
  • Native Speakers (Full time/ Part time Tutoring)

Add 8298 7978 to your moblie contact list. Next, Whatsapp "Receive Jobs" to us and you will be notified with immedaite tuition jobs via Whatsapp too!
As we understand that you may be busy during school/ teaching hours, a courtesy SMS with the tuition job details will be sent to you. You can choose to reply, only if you are interested to know more about the job.


Step 1: Click On The Icon Below To Start >> Step 2: Register As Tutor In 30 Secs >> Step 3: Apply For Tuition Jobs 

Of the many business opportunities you may have previously, considered or tried, this may be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile. It will add to your self esteem and make you feel proud to be part of the children's future. We are looking forward to have you join our united team/ family.

To your success

Chris Gan, Head of Education

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