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Level Diploma/ A Level holder Degree Undergrad Degree Holder Full time tutor Current School teacher/
Primary $20/hr $20-$25/hr $25-$35/hr $25-$35/hr $50-$70/hr
Secondary $25-$35/hr $25-$40/hr $35-$50/hr $35-$50/hr $60-$80/hr
Junior College $30 to $40/hr $35 to $45/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr
Diploma $30 to $40/hr $35 to $45/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr $90 to $150/hr
University NA $45 to $55/hr $60 to $100/hr $60 to $100/hr $100 to $200/hr

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay additional fees if I engage Nanyang Tuition’s services?

We do not charge any commission for tutor engagements. Instead, we collect 50% of one month’s worth of tuition/lesson fees from you and have the tutor collect the other 50%.E.g. you have engaged a tutor for 2 lessons per week, Which means there are 8 lessons every month. In this case 4 lessons will be paid to Nanyang Tuition and the other 4 to the tutor. Thereafter, full lesson fees will be made payable to the tutor.

2. Should I pay my tutor in advance?

We advise parents to pay tutors after completion of lessons at the end of each month and if possible, to document the payment to tutor for future reference.

3. I’ve confirmed a Tutor but now I changed my mind before the 1st lesson. Can I cancel my engagement?

For termination of an assignment before its commencement, parents are required to notify Nanyang Tuition of their intentions to do so at least 72 hours or 3 days prior to the commencement of the assignment. Otherwise, an administrative charge for last-minute cancellation of SGD 50 will be imposed.

4. How do I know if my information is kept safe and confidential with NYT?

All your information is kept safely in our records and we will never, under any circumstances, reveal them to any third parties. Your name and contact details will be released to the tutor for pre-lesson communication only after confirmation of the assignment.

5. I have an existing engagement with a NYT Tutor. It hasn’t been a month but I feel like replacing him/her.

Our tutors are carefully selected and matched to your requirements. Hence, with the exception of inappropriate behavior and the apparent lack of competency, we strongly encourage parents to assess the suitability of their newly engaged tutor after a minimum period of (1) month.

6. I don’t think the tutor is suitable for my child after the 1st lesson. What options do I have?

We grant parents the flexibility of “trying out” a selected tutor during the 1st lesson until they find the most suitable tutor. However the lesson is still payable and fees will be paid out to Nanyang Tuition upon completion

7. How do I know if my engaged Tutor is truly as qualified as he/she claims?

Our Tutors are all carefully screened based on their background, credentials and track records by our Tutor management team. They are also required to produce true copies of their academic records and certificates for verification purposes upon your request.

8. How can I make payment for the 50% of lesson fees during the 1st month of lessons to Nanyang Tuition?

Parents may make payment via Cheque, Bank Transfer or arrange for cash payment collection by our staff. Payment details for Cheque and Bank Transfer can be found on our invoice issued. A SMS will be sent to you to remind you of the respective payments after the 2nd week of lessons.

9. Where do NYT Tutors come from?

All NYT Tutors graduate or are enrolled in reputable education institutes including National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore Institute of Management (SIM/UNISIM), National Institute of Education (NIE, PGDE) and more. They may also be ex/ Current School Teachers in International & Local Government Schools, Full time tuition center teachers, Kindergarten/ Phonics teachers, experienced working professionals, TESOL/ IELTS/ SAT certified teachers and AEIS/ S-AEIS specializing teachers.

10. Can I request for a Tutor without registering for an account?

You can still send us a request by giving us a call or via SMS, WhatsApp and email. However, member registration is free of charge and will entitle you to many convenient features that our new portal has to offer!