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Level Diploma/ A Level holder Degree Undergrad Degree Holder Full time tutor Current School teacher/
Primary $20/hr $20-$25/hr $25-$35/hr $25-$35/hr $50-$70/hr
Secondary $25-$35/hr $25-$40/hr $35-$50/hr $35-$50/hr $60-$80/hr
Junior College $30 to $40/hr $35 to $45/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr
Diploma $30 to $40/hr $35 to $45/hr $40-$50/hr $40-$50/hr $90 to $150/hr
University NA $45 to $55/hr $60 to $100/hr $60 to $100/hr $100 to $200/hr

Company's Profile

Nanyang Learning an education consultancy service provider in Singapore helping local students and parents search for the right private home tutor. The company’s client base grew steadily and significantly from its initial starting years and soon found itself venturing into helping foreign students from all over Asia seek a place in the local education system here in Singapore.

The Success Story

Nanyang Learning transformed itself into what it is presently, with an entire decade of heart work, dedication, and a deep-rooted belief in the empowerment that education can bring to the young ones in our society. A professional and award winning education business today, Nanyang Learning has gone from arranging private tutors for students at the back scene to being one of the most recognized names in the industry by parents and students on a regional level.


Nanyang Learning fueled by the vision of becoming one of Singapore’s most recognized and prestigious education service provider, the company‘s strong focus on delivering superior customer service, work process efficiency and a keen understanding of the local education policies eventually paid off.


Nanyang Learning stuck to its philosophy and applied stringent selection criterion when shortlisting private home tutors for their students. Taking into consideration not only excellent academic records, its consultants take one step further by conducting tele-interviews with tutors as part of their assessment exercise before making referrals to parents or students. All clients’ feedback is also recorded for future reference, and complaints are also looked into by the team with great seriousness. This system has allowed Nanyang Learning to continuously upkeep the standards of their team of teachers for the past 12 years.


With its constant and innovative recruitment drives, Nanyang Learning also grew its base of tutors exponentially through the years. Till date, it manages more than 20,000 teaching profiles, including teachers, facilitators, tutors and instructors across the island.


By going the extra mile with every student that comes to their doors,Nanyang Learning fast gained itself more clients as word went around quickly, especially among the foreign student community. Backed by almost a decade of experience, Nanyang Learning has formulated a tested and proven 3-prong education approach for foreign students looking to enter the local education system through the AEIS (Admission Exercise for International Students) held by the Ministry of Education in Singapore


Determined to give parents of these foreign students a peace of mind, Nanyang Learning went on to meet the apparent demand for a one-stop solution for their clients. Today it provides a full suite of related services including Student Pass application, Homestay/Guardianship arrangements, Preparatory course enrolment and more.

Foreign Student Nanyang Learning Services

Foreign Student Services

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Study in Singapore

As one of the leading educational hubs of Asia, Singapore’s highly regarded education system provides a broad base curriculum and a comprehensive education perspective to foreign students. In many occasions, pursuing an education here in Singapore acted as a springboard for many of these students in their pursuit for higher education or employment locally or in Australia, the US and even the UK.The country’s unrivaled status for quality education has also inspired some of the world’s most prestigious institutions to build campuses in Singapore, providing the education landscape with greater diversity.


The country’s political, economic and societal stability created and continue to create a huge appeal for both parents and students from all around Asia.


Truly all these was what led the company to the opportunities that were then undiscovered in the industry when Nanyang Learning first started the foreign education arm of the business.

Continuous Growth

With 12 years of hands-on experience in the local education scene today, Nanyang Learning is set to achieve greater things in the next 10, 20 and even more years to come. One of their plans is venturing into other regional markets through franchising the business to potential partners. “What will bring us there in the next decades will be our clients. Hence we must and will stay true to our core business and what we do. Only then, we can achieve more”.