[ATTN:] Parents Who Want To Unlock Their Children’s Full Potential And Bring Their Studies Up By 1, 2, even 3 Grades!

Find Out The ONE Completely Unavoidable “Flaw” In The Education System That Is Stopping Your Child From Getting His/Her Desired Grades… And Tap Into The MOST Assured Method For Your Child To BYPASS This Flaw And
Skyrocket His/Her Grades!

When I say that this flaw is completely unavoidable… I mean it!

I’m referring to a systemic flaw that affects ALL school childrenIncluding yours!

But more importantly… It’s the main reason most of them are doing badly in school! Because this flaw STOPS them from reaching their individual maximum potential. Inhibits their ability to fine-tune their studying and achieve even better grades. However, that’s the bad news.

The good news… Is that there’s a way to solve it!

In the next 5-10 minutes, I’ll let you in on a simple yet highly effective method that allows school children to “bypass” this nationwide fault in the system… And empower them to achieve the “miracle” grades you may have thought impossible!

To all parents,

Let me ask you a question:

Have your children ever fallen short of their grades in school… But don’t know how to fix it, even though he/she has tried just about every possible solution?

Maybe you could have simply “forced” your child to study harder. Spend more hours doing even more homework… Doing more test papers… Finishing more assessment books…

Only to find that their grades have not improved one bit. (Or even worse, that their grades have actually slipped!)

After trying unsuccessfully to study harder, maybe you’ve even tried to enhance their physical selves by giving them ginseng or chicken essence to boost their mental capacity!

And perhaps, as a last resort, maybe you’ve even started exploring more “specialised” learning methods for your child.

I know for a fact that there’re many such alternatives out there. Private schools and tuition centres that focus on unorthodox techniques not taught in schools.

I’ve seen courses and programs that aim to improve your child’s memory. Teach them to concentrate on independent learning. Get them to become more self-motivated in their studies.

And I’ve even seen some programs that heavily rely on neuroscience and “cutting-edge” psychological techniques to boost your child’s learning ability.

Now, I’m not saying that these don’t work. I’m sure these courses and programs are still around because they’ve seen some level of success.

But the question is:
Do they work for YOUR child?

If yes, I’m glad to hear it. But if none of them have worked for you… If none of these strategies were effective… If none of your endeavours have borne fruit…

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Do You Want To Know WHY?

There’s actually a very simple reason:
Because none of these methods have tackled the true source of the problem! They have not solved the root of your child’s inability to maximise his or her potential to do well in school.

And now, I’m going to reveal it to you. But be warned, this may come as a shock to most of you:  

Now, before you start writing to me in protest, allow me to clarify my position here:
The teachers are not at fault. I’m not blaming them. They didn’t do anything wrong.
So why did I pinpoint them as the reason your child isn’t performing to the best of his or her ability?

Let Me Describe A Scenario Here   

In a school classroom, one teacher is assigned to teach a particular subject.
And that teacher is in charge of about 40 students in the class.
Think about it. One teacher. 40 students.

So the teacher simply teaches the subjects. One after another.
That teacher simply follows the syllabus.

And that’s about it. The class is collectively supposed to keep up.
But what happens if some students aren’t able to?
What if some of them have difficulties understanding certain topics in the subject?

Well… Too bad. The teacher can’t just stop the class to help these students. He or she has to follow the timeline set in the semester. He or she can’t slow down. The show must go on.  
That’s the situation your child is facing.

Now, let me ask you:
What if your child was one of the students who couldn’t keep up?
Can he or she go to the teacher for help? Sure... Maybe once or twice. But the teacher is also limited by time. He or she can’t simply attend to every student who individually comes up for help.

Which finally leads me to the main point:


More simply put:
The school teacher is UNABLE to give your child the exact assistance he/she needs!

After all, like I mentioned earlier: the school teacher is just one person.
Now, do you see why I call this a “flaw” in the education system?

And this flaw isn’t limited to school. It’s also present in tuition centres and private schools … Because it’s the same scenario all over again!

One teacher. So many students. The problem still persists. The issue still isn’t RESOLVED!

I’ll be the first to admit: Our government is doing what it can to optimise the learning process for all students. To get them to do as well as they can. And as an educator myself, I have personally witnessed the government’s endeavours to constantly improve their systems.

But the fact of the matter is: Your child needs help NOW!

If your child is still unable to get the EXACT, APPROPRIATE help he or she needs… this issue will not go away. After all, it’s not like the teacher will suddenly be able to give your child individualised help, right?  

This is why I’m writing this to you.

Because even though this is such a widespread problem… There’s actually a way to solve it.

A way that will bypass this unavoidable flaw. A way for your child to reach his or her full potential… Even while still being subjected to the school system.

And I want you to learn more about it. Take action fast. No more wasting time going around in circles… Scratching your head… Getting frustrated about your child’s school performance…

Time to stop that. And time to start heading in the RIGHT direction. For your child’s academic results. His/her success.

And most importantly: His/her future!

Learn How We Have Successfully Helped 147 Students To Achieve Better Grades in 90 Days or Less!
Discover A Solution MORE Effective Than Your Child's School Teacher TODAY!
1-to-1 Coaching/ Mentoring Program

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 So… Want to learn what the EXACT solution is? Here it is..


I know, it sounds ridiculously simple, right? Well, the solution is easy to understand in theory… But the truth is that your child still lacks the level of customised care and support he/she needs!

Simply knowing the solution is one thing. But being able to ACT on it is another.
And I wanted to ACT on it.
That’s why I founded Nanyang Learning Pte Ltd in the first place!

Nanyang Tuition is one of Singapore’s pioneering education consultancies! And as Head of Education, I have worked with over 15,000 parents and students work with over 20,000 private tutors, helping them progress in their studies in the most time-efficient, effective way!  

Now, you may think that simply finding a private 1-to-1 teacher or mentor won’t be enough to help your child.

But as someone who specialises in helping students find the perfect teacher and coach to help with their studies, I can say this with certainty:
It works.

Over 90% of the time, your child isn’t lagging behind in a subject because he or she doesn’t get the ENTIRE subject…

But because your child isn’t able to cope with CERTAIN TOPICS!
That’s why by taking up a FREE membership with Nanyang Tuition:
You’ll be getting them a dedicated teacher or mentor who knows your child’s issuesUnderstands your child’s frustrations and struggles… And knows the EXACT topics your child needs help with…

Your child will be able to PLUG these loopholes, MASTER the topics they’re weaker at, and find the key to EXCEL in their studies!

So, in summary, here’s how we can assist you and your child in his/her education:

  • TUITION BENEFIT 1 -  SPECIALISED 1-TO-1 COACHING AND TUTORING, CUSTOMISED TO YOUR CHILD’S NEEDS When working with us, we won’t just randomly pick out a tutor/mentor for you. We’ll examine and pinpoint a tutor who can provide your child with the assistance he/she needs… Which allows your child to solve all of his/her EXACT problems!
  • TUITION BENEFIT 2 - 100% UNADULTERATED CONTROL OVER YOUR CHILD’S TUTOR SELECTION With our in-built chat function that allows you to directly INTERVIEW potential tutors… We help you ensure that you and your child will be able to decide on the BEST possible candidate!
  • TUITION BENEFIT 3 - COMPLETE, EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO ALL NANYANG TUITION LEARNING RESOURCES Over the past 10 years, we’ve relentlessly increased and refined our learning materials... And now, with access to our most up-to-date resources (that you can’t find ANYWHERE else), you and your child will have what it takes to elevate his/her grades to the next level!
  • TUITION BENEFIT 4 - FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP WITH NANYANG TUITION Nope, you didn’t read that wrong! All it takes for you to tap into ALL the benefits above… Is your willingness and dedication to empower your child’s success in education!
  • TUITION BENEFIT 5- COUNTLESS MORE FUNCTIONS AND BENEFITS FOR YOUR CHILD’S ACADEMIC PROSPERITY! It’ll take too long for us to list down our complete services on this page… And I don’t want to take up too much of your time right now. But feel free to contact us if you’re interested, and we’ll be more than happy to fill you in EVERYTHING we have to offer you and your child!

 Want to know how all of these have impacted both parents and their children?
Here’s what some of them had to say:

Danny (Parent), Singaporean, Bishan

Vera got 91 marks for SA2. She got 77 marks in SA1, so the final mark was 87 marks. Janet was helpful and disciplined to help Vera with wrong answers for her past year practice papers. *Thumbs up* I had other tutors in the past who did their own things which were not relevant to school work, so it was good that Janet followed our request to focus on past year papers. Thanks, Chris!

Suguna (Parent), Malaysian, Chua Chu Kang

I am truly happy with Nanyang Tuition for their immediate assistance. Nanyang Tuition has recommended Miss Janet, a very dedicated, committed and excellent tutor to my boys. My boys love and always looking forward to her tuition classes. I am really amazed with their improvement in Mathematics and English in just two months! Both of my boys have improved tremendously for both subjects from an average of 50 marks to 80 marks. Moving forward, my Primary 3 son have scored FULL MARKS for his Maths Paper 2! Thank you very much for your qualified educators.

Budi (Parent), Australian, Seng Kang Square

Tutor Shirley you recommended us is good. My daughter has shown tremendous improvement in her Mandarin. We’re pleased thus far. "Nanyang Tuition" has exceeded our expectations on both occasions that we engaged their service. What differentiates "Nanyang Tuition" from the others is its experienced tuition coordinator, Chris Gan, and its pool of qualified educators. Chris really took the time to understand our kids’ situation and find the best teachers that fits our kids. She also did a follow-up with us after a few sessions to ensure that the teachers were really suitable for our kids. Our kids are now one of the top students in their respective classes. I would strongly recommend "Nanyang Tuition" to any parents who need help, and see the difference for themselves.

Mrs Ng (Parent), Singaporean, Simei

Teacher Izzah is good; very helpful and can click with my girl. My daughter has improved from failing miserably to being the few who passed in the class tests. Basically after the first tuition lesson, she finally knew what her teacher in school was talking about. That’s how weak she was then, and she was already almost halfway through Sec 4. "Nanyang Tuition" has been very spot-on in matching the tutors to the criteria that I laid out for both my daughters, and always gave me choices, from the teacher’s qualifications to the rate differences. This makes it comfortable for me even before the tutors arrived. Thanks!

Amanda (Parent), Singaporean, Boon Keng

Teacher Yan Xin is the best teacher ever! Thank you for teaching and helping me improve my Chinese and Mathematics. You are so kind and firm. I appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you very much. - Chantelle

Teacher Yan Xin, you are the best teacher ever. You are so kind and friendly. Thank you for teaching me and my exam results have improved so much. – Clyden

Parent: I would like to thank Chris for recommending the right tutor for my children. In the past, I’ve felt so hopeless and full of despair whenever I am unable to answer my children’s homework. Teacher Yan Xin assessed what my children’s weaknesses were, and focused on them- really helping my children build a firmer foundation for the subjects. My girl has scored all A’s for her SA2. Thank you “Nanyang Tuition” and Chris Gan.

Karen (Parent), Singaporean, Tanah Merah

Dr Kuan has taught Matthias and he is patient, and can explain the subject very well. I am very happy with the service rendered by “Nanyang Tuition” and have engaged tutors for different subjects for the past one year. They are fast, efficient, friendly and helpful, as well as respond promptly to queries. Good follow-up as well! Thank you. Keep up the good service!

Elanna (Parent) and Shane (Student), Singaporean, Lange Road

Dr Melvyn has done the impossible and Shane has now passed the first two of his maths test in secondary 2. This is the first time he has passed maths in secondary school. But what is even more amazing is that Shane has topped his class in maths.

Nanyang Tuition relentless helped me find the right tutor for both of my kids. My kids have different needs and since there isn't a "one teacher fits all student" we had some trials and Nanyang was very patient throughout this process. Both my kids now have excellent tutors who have given them the confidence to excel in their respective subjects.

The stories you read above were only possible because of one reason:

These students got the EXACT help they needed.

Not extra tuition classes. Not special schools. Not unnecessary extra homework.
Not even some special “unconventional” learning techniques.

All your child needs… Is to be supported in the areas he or she needs help in. Nothing more.

No issues with these topics? No reason to waste time on it.

Facing issues with a select few areas of a subject? Let’s focus our effort and energy on that.

There’s no need to fix what’s not broken.

Ultimately, that’s what 1-to-1 tutoring and coaching does for your child:
It OPTIMISES him/her for success in school. It solves the missing pieces in the puzzle. It unlocks the key for your child to score to the best of his/her ability.

And that’s what I want for your child.

I’m not proposing something exceptionally fancy. Some “never-before-seen” strategy to suddenly make your child smarter. I know those techniques don’t work in the long term.

What works… is CONSISTENCY. Constantly working on the areas that need work. Constantly finding out what needs to improve… And improving on it.

Wash, rinse, repeat. There’s no shortcut. But I can guarantee you:
If you do this right, academic success will no longer be a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when”!

Wouldn’t you want that for your child? To know that he/she is on a tried-and-tested, success-guaranteed path?

And going beyond school results, wouldn’t YOU want to have the peace of mind that in the end, as a parent…

You’re doing the VERY BEST you can for your child?

Because when everything is said and done… No matter what grades he/she gets…
That’s the most important thing, isn’t it? To be able to say to yourself, and to your child:
“We’ve done the best we can!”

Now, I want to help you achieve that. No more feeling your way around in the dark. No more going down untested roads and testing untested strategies.

No more uncertainty. No more. Your child’s future isn’t something to be taken lightly. It deserves the utmost respect and dignity.

And the best gift you can give to your child… Is to empower him/her by taking the most assured route.

It’s time. Time to join the legions of past parents and students who have found success through this same path. Time to forge your own path with your child now.

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**Education Pro Tip: The Best Time For Your Child To Start Catching Up Is BEFORE Each School Term Begins!**

If you’re still reading this, I want to share a tip with you:
Most students who do exceptionally well in school don’t actually study a lot harder!
You see, the thing about getting good grades isn’t just about how MUCH you study. It’s how SMART you do.
And for those who consistently do well, there’s always one common factor:
They start early.

That’s the trick. That’s the secret.
That’s the “hidden technique” they don’t really tell you about.

They start EARLY. Even as early as before the school term even begins! Because these students know that good grades come through consistent practice…

And definitely not through “chiong-ing” in the few remaining weeks and months leading up to examinations.

So start early. In fact, start now! Start before the school term begins.

And help your child ease into the curriculum, so he or she will have a smoother transition into the year 2018! 

So now, at this point… I want to ask you a question:
Are you excited for your child’s impending success? To be able to lay all your worries and fears to rest, as he/she begins to tread the path towards success, both in school and in his/her future?

I know I’m excited, because it’s my passion to empower students to be the very best they can! And now, I sincerely hope you’ll be next in line to join me!

I’m looking forward to meeting with you and your child in person, and I’m looking forward to the day we see the fruits of our collective when your child gets his/her desired grades!  

To Your Child’s Success And Bright Future Ahead,

Chris Gan
Founder & Head of Education
Nanyang Tuition | Nanyang Learning Pte Ltd

Are you ready? I’m sure you are! 

For EMERGENCY Enquiries On Home Tuition,
 You May Whatsapp Me At (65) 8298 7978 For An Instant Education Consultation.

P.S. Forgot to mention earlier, but due to the current ratio of parents/students to tutors/teachers, I’m afraid I can’t extend this offer to EVERY parent who read this. If everyone reading this signs up… There won’t be enough tutors and teachers!

So I hope you understand my position when I say that I can take in around 10-12 more students. Hopefully, that number will increase as more tutors and teachers come on board. But for now… 10 to 12 is the safe number.

So if you want to secure your child’s place, I highly recommend you sign up ASAP!  

P.P.S. Just as a reminder, I may be taking this offer down soon. It really depends on how quickly parents sign up, and if it comes to a point where we reach our capacity… I’ll have no choice but to reject the rest, unfortunately.

I want to work with parents who are dedicated. Serious. Committed to their child’s future. And if that sounds like you, I don’t want you to regret missing this…

So show me, and show yourself, that you can take decisive action now!

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